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Anonymous asked: Guardians of the Galaxy (comics)


The first character I first fell in love with:  Rocket Raccoon. He asked if the seat went any higher during the ship’s log, because he’s so tiny.  You can really only see him above his nose.  And that’s how I fell completely in love with that furry-ass bastard.


The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:  Drax the Destroyer.  The film made me love him more than I ever did in the comics…


The character everyone else loves that I don’t:  Adam Warlock.  I despise this character so much.  I have no idea how this character got his own title!  He’s basically “Space Jesus” and strangely boring because of it!  When he turned evil via Magus, he finally became interesting.  To me, he’s a far better villain than he is a hero.


The character I love that everyone else hates:  Gamora.  Before the film, I knew more people who hated her than liked her.  She was very harsh character in the comics and often called “the raging bitch” to those whom even knew who Gamora was (which was mostly though the NOVA title, not GUARDIANS), or she was referred to as “spank material” and nothing more, which was not helped by her highly impractical costumes either.  With the Bendis run and the new film, where her personality went a little calmer, everyone suddenly loves her!


The character I used to love but don’t any longer hate but now you love:  The Collector/Taneleer Tivan.  I blame the sexiness that is Benicio del Toro for turning him into an adorable “Space Liberace”!


The character I would totally smooch:  Star-Lord and Jack Flag.  I would totally snuggle Rocket, but he’d totally kill me.  I’d snuggle Groot, too, but I might get splinters.  I’d snuggle Cosmo also, but at least he’ll love it!


The character I’d want to be like:  Groot.


The character I’d slap:  Star-Lord and Jack Flag, on the ass!  Mwhahahaha!


A pairing that I love:  There are soooo many!

The Emperor of All My GOTG Ships:  Yondu Udonta/Meredith Quill (Meredu), which is really short for Photon/Yondu Udonta/Meredith Quill/J’son of Spartax space opera RP that I have with 4eyeswordsmith.



Canonical OTPs:  Star-Lord/Shadowcat (Star-Kitty), Gamora/Angela (Murder Girls), Moondragon/Quasar (Space Lesbians), Drax/Hovat or Yvette, etc.



Non-Canonical OTPs:  Kraglin Obfonteri/Bereet (Kragreet, I blame 4eyeswordsmith for this), Star-Lord/Mantis, Rocket Racccon/Pria (OC), Groot/Sugar (OC).


Friendships:  Cosmo the Space Dog/Lucky the Pizza Dog (because they’d be adorable and you know it!), Rocket Raccoon/Groot, Star-Lord/Jack Flag, Yondu Udonta/Star-Lord/Kraglin Obfonteri (they’re family!), Rocket Raccoon/His Guns (Rocket Launchers), Drax/Cammi, Star-Lord/Carol Danvers, Star-Lord/Richard Rider, Drax/His Saxophone, Meredith Quill/Photon, The Collector/His Collection, Rocket Raccon/Iron Man, Star-Lord/Iron Man, etc.


Hateships:  Yondu Udota/J’son of Spartax, Gamora/Nebula (Sororicide), Rocket Racccon/Chewie the Flerken Cat, Rocket Racccon/Cosmo the Space Dog, Rocket Racccon/Blackjack O’Hare, Jack Flag/Anything Cosmic (Cosmic Hate), etc.


Crossover:  Martian Manhunter/Mantis!  Shuddup, they’d be adorable!  Jack Flag/Phil Coulson, because they’d be best buds; they need to get together and fanboy all about Captain America!


A pairing that I despise:  Star-Lord/Gamora, because they’re a like brother and sister!  As a romantic ship, it feels weirdly incestuous!  Gamora/Richard Rider and Gamora/Adam Warlock and Gamora/Iron Man, because they were all stupid!  Rocket/Lylla, as cute as they are together, it’s mainly because she’s always been boringly written, then she ran off with Blackjack O’Hare and I never forgave her for that.





i love seeing girls close ranks when their fella is cheating, instead of defending him and attacking the other girls. like seriously. it warms my cold, cold heart so much. 

i need the rest of this story, where did you put the body

john tucker must die?

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In 1996, Harrison was very excited about the pending world release of Volume 2 of the Beatles’ ‘Anthology’ recordings series. But Harrison had an even bigger personal cause for delight.

'Dhani's going to be going to Brown University!' his father exclaimed. 'It was his first choice, and he got in straight away. On the SATs for those American universities, he seemed to handle it quite easy and got very high scores. And they accepted him in [to Brown], and they also loved the idea that he's a coxswain with the rowers in Henley, because Brown is a big rowing school.

'He's a bit stressed out at the moment, because he's doing these A-Level [secondary-school final] exams for, like, physics. You know,' his father said with a chuckle, 'I couldn't do that at all. So he's got into Brown, and he wants to take a year out when he gets out of school in June or July rather than go straight there. He needs it, too, because it's been a lot for him.

'But also,' George added, 'he has to deal with that thing of being “the son of,” which isn't easy either. So it's great, but we may have to go and live there in Providence R.I. - I remember we played there in 1974 - and get a little house, otherwise I will have lost my son!'

One of the last creative acts of Harrison’s life would be the collaboration with his college-educated son on the writing and recording of ‘Horse to the Water,’ a song included on Jools Holland’s new album, Small World Big Band, bearing the forbidding copyright ‘R.I.P. Limited 2001.’

—Timothy White, Billboard magazine (Dec. 2001)

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When I see people complaining about having U2’s new album on their iPhones.

I fucking love U2 and I always have done - I love the size of that band. Whether you like them or not, you cannot deny that U2 have written some great fucking songs.

— Noel Gallagher (via rocknrollforme)


Everybody here is complaining about having the new U2 album “magically appearing” in their devices for free when they didn’t want it, and I (who actually wanted it very much) spent about half an hour yesterday trying to discover how to actually download the thing to my ipod, because whatever I did it wouldn’t appear…